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   Surfinity sells search software business! We are very excited to announce that as of February 5th 2005, the responsibility for all future development and delivery of the SQL Turbo and Surfinity Search DB product lines has been transferred to Imceda Software. This change will significantly grow product development capabilities and improve support services. About Imceda Software

   Surfinity acquires Ascertech! We are pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of web consulting group Ascertech. In addition to their depth of experience and customer-base, Ascertech brings to Surfinity the payment provider engine
SQL Turbo is a revolutionary new search application which dramatically
increases the speed of SQL Server's free text retrieval.

Achieve speed improvements of up to 100 times that of SQL Server’s Full Text Catalogue.

SQL Turbo is easy to use and is closely integrated with SQL Server, so there is no need to throw away existing SQL Server applications.

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Surfinity Search DB is a low cost, high performance search software application which can be used online or stand-alone.

The underlying SQL-based search architecture is significantly different to other search vendors. It is built from the ground-up for optimal database search performance and information is retrieved as a database record set.

The GUI-based software is easy to use and programmers don't need to learn a new API, so deployment is very rapid.
More details at is an established, professional online reseller owned and operated by Surfinity Consulting. can provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully sell good and services online. This includes, consulting services, online payment facilities and tools to allow you to keep your products, services and prices up to date. More details... 

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